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What’s the Difference between Webinar and Web Conference

In the world of the online collaborations, you will find different types of tools to arrange your online meetings. If you choose some developed software likeezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can get some improved features to arrange the meetings in the real time with the anticipated outcome. As different types of the tools are available for the online collaborations, it becomes difficult for the beginners to find a difference between different types like the webinar and web conference. People think that these two concepts are same and they only differ in the plans and features. But in reality, these two are...

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5 Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Get a Good Job

These days, organizations prefer to find employees from different regions around the world. To hire employees from remote places organizations are taking the help of virtual job interviews. With virtual online interviews, organizations get many benefits that are not possible with telephonic interviews. These benefits include cost effectiveness, body language understanding, ease of process, the saving of time, etc.

In case, you also need to give a virtual job interview then there are some simple tips that you should follow to get the best response from them. For your help, here we are sharing 5 of the best virtual interview tips for higher chances...

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The Benefits of Online Learning for Students and Teachers

Technology has had a profound effect on almost all facets of our lives, and education is no different. Over the last few years, online courses have expanded speedily thanks to its many benefits for both the students and instructors. Online learning gives students access to education regardless of where they are compared to traditional learning. Furthermore, online learning offers the promise of providing the optimal course pacing to fit every student’s needs. While this form of education is beneficial to students and instructors, it has a few pitfalls and so it is not right for everyone. We have listed some of the...

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Summarize several major changes in the video conferencing industry in 2016

2016 is coming to a close, this year is undoubtedly the highlight of the videoconferencing industry. Videoconferencing has demonstrated its unique vitality and continued to plunge into the market. As a leader in the video conferencing industry, ezTalks takes a look at a few major changes.

A: by the national strategic support

On the afternoon of October 9, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau conducted the 36th collective learning on the implementation of the strategy of strengthening its nation by network. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech while presiding over the study, put forward "six accelerations" and made an all-round...

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