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How Big of a Computer Power Supply should you buy?

When determining how big of a Computer Power Supply you need to buy for your computer, there are a number of factors you should consider. These factors are what will dictate how big of a power supply unit your computer needs. They include your computer’s wattage requirements, the style of the particular power supply, and the computer case size.

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The shape of the power supply unit and the computer case

Power supplies typically come in a range of sizes, as do computer cases. While some computer cases can comfortably accommodate any full-size power supply unit, some cases require more specific, smaller size such as those that are mostly found in brand name desktops or laptops. Proprietary style computer power supplies like those that are found in computers that are manufactured by Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc., are not always compatible with other computers. So, if you have an HP computer, you will have to look for a HP Power Supply and if you have a Dell, computer, you will have to buy a Dell Power Supply. On the same note, Lenovo computer can only accommodate Lenovo Power Supply.

So, in case you are looking to replace a power supply especially in an existing computer, it is advisable that you open the case and see what size and shape of the existing power supply is used so that you can buy the same that will fit in.

Wattage requirements

Your computer wattage requirements will determine how big of computer a power supply you should buy. Different desktop and laptop hardware combinations often have varying wattage requirements in order to operate properly. For instance, if you are going to a dedicated graphics processing unit from an onboard graphics, you might need a new computer power supply. The systems with a more powerful video card will use relatively more electricity as compared to mid-range cards.

In a computer that is used for word processing, internet surfing, and e-mail a 300 W computer power supply is just adequate. However, the systems with multiple video cards or high-end video cards usually require at least 500W computer power supply. You can always search online to find exact wattage requirements for every type of GPU (graphics processing units).

For any kind of laptop and Desktop Power Supply, you should check out 365PowerSupply.com. If you have a computer that requires more wattage than what your current power supply provides, you should consider replacing it with a higher wattage power supply.

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