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Summarize several major changes in the video conferencing industry in 2016

2016 is coming to a close, this year is undoubtedly the highlight of the videoconferencing industry. Videoconferencing has demonstrated its unique vitality and continued to plunge into the market. As a leader in the video conferencing industry, ezTalks takes a look at a few major changes.

A: by the national strategic support

On the afternoon of October 9, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau conducted the 36th collective learning on the implementation of the strategy of strengthening its nation by network. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech while presiding over the study, put forward "six accelerations" and made an all-round deployment of building a network of powerful nations. Coupled with the "Internet +" strategy put forward in 2015, the above shows that the state attaches sufficient importance to network construction.

Videoconferencing, as a real-time rendering of high-definition video playback and high-fidelity audio transmission over networked communication technologies, has shone with the support of national policy. On the other hand, thanks to the gradual planning and popularization of "Safe City" and "Smart Medical" in the country, the government purchases of video conferencing systems have increased.

Second: SME market optimistic

From the perspective of application, video conferencing has already gained a firm foothold in large state-owned enterprises by 2015 because of their large demand and abundant reserve funds, and their preference for the construction of video conferencing systems. Since 2016, with the diversification of video conferencing industry, most SMEs have begun to introduce this advanced technology. On the one hand, in order to keep pace with the rapid development of informationization, SMEs recognize the importance of video conferencing; on the other hand, video conferencing products are truly cheaper.


Three: state-owned brand Qi burst

Over the past few years the video conferencing industry has been monopolized by foreign veteran manufacturers, Polycom, Cisco, Sony, etc., when their technology has advantages, but the price is really expensive. With the upgrading of technology, the rise of China's video conferencing industry, emerged on the market a number of outstanding video conferencing manufacturers: Huawei, ZTE, TVET, ezTalks and so on. Excellent product quality, cost-effective. Which, ezTalks, ZTE is known for video conferencing hardware, ezTalks is video conferencing hardware, software integration development.

Four: products and services is the fundamental development

The so-called ever-changing, no matter how video conferencing development, its fundamental or the implementation of products and services. Products continue to update and upgrade, the world's first H.265 video conferencing terminal was listed in September 2016, hardware and software go hand in hand, but also some free video conferencing software available. Video conferencing manufacturers service is always relish by the user, 24 hours a day 24 hours a day before the sale hotline, free trial, the use of training, hardware site service.

The entire video conferencing industry will thrive in 2016 and we expect that 2017 will have a better development.

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