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The practical significance of setting up medical video conference system

The reform in the medical field affects the hearts of every nation. According to the latest Digital Healthcare Consumer 2016 Report, telemedicine is hot. Consumers are more likely to be patient-centric telemedicine models than traditional approaches to medical treatment. Some experts and scholars pointed out that "just as the Internet has changed the way we learn, communicate, shop and work, it has also changed the way we manage health.

The report also calculates that video-based telemedicine adoption has risen from 7% in 2015 to 22% in 2016, most of which occurred in the past three months. It can be seen that at present with the development of the times and the support of national policies, more and more medical institutions have begun to set up a telemedicine system. The following will be from the perspective of patients and doctors to build a medical video conferencing system, the actual meaning.


1, to facilitate patients to seek medical treatment, save medical expenses

The grass-roots people, especially those in remote areas, enjoy quality medical services without leaving home, reduce the delay in diagnosis of diseases and reduce the transportation, accommodation and time costs they spend traveling to the central city for long distances, Big social and economic benefits.

2, to improve the overall level of medical care, strengthen the level of information within the medical institutions

A complete telemedicine system is not only convenient for patients to seek medical treatment but also enhances the internal information construction of medical institutions. For example, each subordinate branch can discuss case histories with experts in headquarters hospitals, view medical operation presentations, increase exchanges with other hospitals, and play a role in medical business training, all of which can promote the improvement of primary medical care.

3, doctors into high-risk occupations, their own health is difficult to guarantee

On October 6, 2016, a sad news came from the medical community: Zhang Rui, founder and chief executive of "Chun Yu", died at the age of 44 at the age of 44 due to work overload and the unfortunate death of a heart attack. (Zhang Rui founded Spring Rain doctor in 2011, which helps patients consult doctors online and avoid waiting in crowded hospitals.) It is the doctor's duty to save lives and wounded, but who will ensure their own health in recent years? " Die "news often found in the newspapers. The construction of telemedicine to some extent reduce the workload of doctors, they can also at home or in the lounge to complete a diagnostic activity, to ensure part of the rest time. This needs to attract enough attention of medical institutions.

In November 2016, ezTalks completed the command medical project of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital to meet the meeting needs of medical staff within the hospital, facilitate remote consultation, policy issuance and business training as well as one-to-one remote communication between medical personnel and patients Diagnostic platform to facilitate timely medical treatment, accurate diagnosis of the disease.

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